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The earth is rapidly transitioning from a third to a fifth-dimensional reality. Hearts are opening, souls are awakening, and the human species is evolving to a new way of BEing.   We have come to realize that we are, first and foremost, spirits that have embodied form to recognize our Divinity. We are one with Source and with all of humanity.  We are co-creators – with unlimited power, wisdom, and potential.

But we have forgotten who we are. We live in the illusion of separation; built upon the foundations of fear, inadequacy, and insecurity.   The time is now to merge with our Higher-Selves,  to shed the ego, and to step into our true authenticity.

Donna Edwards has undertaken a spiritual journey for many years, and has emerged as a  teacher and facilitator of the ascension process. She offers conscious solutions from her own experience and from contact with other dimensions, to help you to let go of the past and create a positive, self-directed future.

Services include group facilitation and private offerings. Individuals may work  with  Donna in-person  or  by phone  with  transformational life coaching  and private channeled sessions.  Workshops are available on myriad spiritual topics to educate and enlighten.  “Wisdom Teachings” provides groups with channeled information from higher realms to assist with the transition process.   And spiritual book studies offer insights and discussions on diverse subjects.

Donna is committed to helping others to step into their authenticity, realize their potential, and fully embrace life.

Conscious BEing

        What is Consciousness?

Empowering Your Authentic Self