About Donna

Donna Edwards,  M.A.,  is  a transformational  life  coach,  spiritual channeler,  and educator;   specializing  in  life  changes   through   empowerment  and  Conscious BEing.   She   has   been   in  practice   for   20   years,  combining    her   intuitive, teaching,  and leadership  skills   to  help  others.  Donna   is  most   known   for her intuitive  ability.   She  has been  a  frequent  radio guest,  and   featured   in numerous publications.

Donna  first began communicating with higher realms as an adult, after having sensed that she was “different” all her life.  She see visions, senses energies, and hears word-for-word communication.  Donna employs her talents to assist individuals in private sessions, and to provide “wisdom teachings” to groups.   

A no-nonsense and gutsy  personality has led Donna to live her life uniquely  and to embrace change.  Her experience lends a perfect background for coaching others to be who they are, to take risks, and to live authentically. Many have transformed their lives under her direction.

Donna uses her gifts to empower others to take charge of their lives and to be all that they can be.  Sessions are conducted in a loving, yet powerful, manner to help clients to heal the past and create a positive, conscious future.  She believes that we are all capable of manifesting our desires, reaching our potential, and living from a place of higher reality.

Donna has been called a “natural teacher,”  and loves facilitating workshops and groups to educate and enlighten.  She offers classes on diverse spiritual topics, and has taught programs to businesses to bring holistic, spiritual, and soul-centered consciousness to the corporate world.  She  co-authored a book on Transformational Leadership, and enjoys inspiring audiences with her speaking engagements.

Donna’s educational background includes a B.A. in Foreign Languages and Secondary Education, and an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University, with concentration in Psychology and Philosophy.  Certifications are held in Stress Management Consulting, Advanced Life Coaching, Ministerial Services, and Master Level Healing. In addition to her present practice, Donna has served in business, social work, and academia.